Terms of Use for our 12 Month Discount Codes

These terms are in addition to the Standard Terms and Conditions of BRT Industry Ltd and shall be read as one, not in parts.

  1. The discount code is strongly individual and shall only be used by the person named at the front of card. However, invoice and goods delivery addresses may differ.

  2. In event of lost or stolen card, the code can be re-posted to you free of charge. Replacement card can be issued on request at cost of £5.99 + VAT.

  3. This product sale is covered by the Distance selling regulations and you have 14 days to return the product to us for full refund. Please note to entitle for refund code must not be used.

  4. The discount code can be applied as many times as desired.

  5. Only one discount code can be applied per purchase.

  6. Discount codes starting with “LT” are not considered as personal and can be passed to anyone.

  7. Personal discount codes begin with “V” or “H”.

  8. Deliberate use of personal discount code that belong to third party(other than you) is considered as fraudulent and the customer (you) shall pay within 30 calendar days £100 penalty to BRT Industry Ltd, which if paid in 14 calendar days can be reduced by 50%.

    8.1. If payment is not made in 30 calendar days BRT Industry Ltd may:

    8.1.1 Pass all related details to debt collection agencies, solicitors or police; and

    8.1.2 Implement 10% interest on daily basis for the amount due.

  9.  Discount codes are only valid if purchase is made on www.brtindustry.co.uk