Recipes with Black Winter Truffles(T. Melanosporum Vitt).

There`s no need to be in doubt how should you cook your truffles. Following their mushroom origin you can find truffles suitable for many meals that would be delicious with mushrooms in general. Some of them include fish, lobster, meat, potatoes, eggs and pasta. However, we sahre our favourite recipes for ultimate truffle experience.

It is important to note truffles do not require much time to cook.



Serving 2-4 people



1 litre of chicken broth,

200g of rice with black truffle,

1 small onion,

2 spoonfuls of Mascarpone cheese,

30g Parmesano cheese,

2 spoonfuls of butter,

sea salt.



Heat the chicken broth in a saucepan and keep it hot, mince the onion and fry it slowly with the butter, when the onion is fried, add the rice and stir, reduce the heat and stir for 2 minutes. Then add some chicken broth enough to cover the rice, stir for 1 minute and continue with slow adding of more broth while stir. When the rice is boiled add the Mascarpone cheese and stir until it is melted, after that, add the Parmesan grated Cheese and stir again until it is melted. The rice shall then be ready in 18 minutes.

Fried eggs with truffles.​


Serving 4 people



12-16 whole eggs,

40g of truffles,

Extra Virgin Olive Oil,

sea salt,

red pepper*,

black pepper*,


*optional - one finger pinch each or on taste,



Place the truffles in air-tight container with some whole eggs (for aroma absorption) in your fridge for a minimum of 24 hours. Then fry the eggs and when already in your plate, grate the truffles as much as desired with a grater. Salt if required.

Tip 1: For extra taste you can add some Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with truffles, red pepper(up to two finger clips) and little bit of black pepper(one finger clip for each serving).

Tip 2: Should you wish to add bacon, cook the bacon first and then cook the eggs in the same pan, ensuring there is some bacon juice left before frying the eggs, so that the eggs can absorb the bacon juice too.

Tip 3: Should you decide to experiment even further you may add up to two tea spoons acacia honey for smooth fine finish, but make sure you add it at the end, so that all honey enzymes do not die(They will if the honey is heated above the temperature your hand can handle) and you preserve its natural taste.

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Mixed Salad with Truffles.​


Serving 4 people



40g of truffles,

150g of mixed salad,

400g of potatoes,

100g of prawns,

Extra Virgin Olive Oil,

sea salt






Put the salad on the bottom of the plates. Cook the potatoes in boiling water, peel them, slice them, and then put them at room temperature on the salad. Cook the prawns in a little butter over low heat. Put them around the potatoes. Slice the truffles on top of the salad. Pour over the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sprinkle sea salt on the top.

un buon appetito,

The Bishop's Reserve of Truffles for the Industry