Fresh truffles storage bag made of 100% Natural cotton

Fresh Truffles Pouch

  • Manufactured in the UK from 100% Natural cotton and non-toxic(food friendly)ink, these bags are ideal for storage of fresh truffles or to be used as gift wrap. With more than 2kgs weight and tier resistance they can fit up to 1kg of fresh truffles(you're welcome to try fit more). Here are some ideas:
    Option 1: Up to 100g(due to box size) of truffles and a greeting card; or
    Option 2: Up to 250g of fresh truffles in boxes; or
    Option 3: Up to 1kg "fresh truffles in pouch" - a final touch for your event.
    Please note, these bags are not moist absorbent and allow free flow of air thru. They do not reflect on the shelf-life of your truffles in any way.